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From accidental falls, sports-related injuries or just moving the wrong way, fractures, strains and sprains in the feet can happen at any time. With convenient locations across South Jersey, our experienced, compassionate podiatrists are here to diagnose and treat your condition.

What are Foot Fractures, Strains and Sprains?

Foot fractures, strains and sprains are common musculoskeletal injuries affecting muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Fractures, also known as broken bones, happen when there is a crack or complete break in the bone. When a person sustains a fracture, they may experience pain, swelling and difficulty moving the affected area.

Foot strains occur when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. They typically cause localized pain, muscle weakness and limited range of motion and are commonly seen in athletes or individuals who perform repetitive movements. Sprains in the feet, on the other hand, involve injury to the ligaments, which are the tissues that connect bones at the joints. They can cause pain, swelling, bruising and instability in the affected joint.

How are Foot Fractures, Sprains and Strains Diagnosed?

Diagnosing foot fractures, strains and sprains in the feet involves a comprehensive evaluation by a podiatrist. Your doctor will conduct a physical examination to assess the affected area for signs of tenderness, swelling or deformity. They may also order imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) to visualize the bones, muscles and ligaments and confirm a diagnosis. They may partner with emergency medicine physicians and orthopedic doctors during this process and in developing a treatment plan.

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Ankle Sprain

Foot Fracture, Sprain and Strain Treatment Options

Foot fractures, strains and sprains may be treated with various methods. For complex cases or injuries beyond the foot and ankle, an orthopedic specialist may partner with a podiatrist or be better suited to provide comprehensive care. These approaches include:

Icing a Sprain
Foot Immobilized in a Boot
Two doctors discuss the anatomy of the human foot. They look at the foot skeleton model.

Our Approach to Foot Fractures, Strains and Sprains

At Inspira, we understand that the pain and discomfort you experience can affect your quality of life. Our multidisciplinary approach provides convenient and compassionate care throughout diagnosis, treatment and recovery. They do this through their specialties and partnerships with emergency medicine physicians and orthopedic doctors to provide innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology.

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