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Treatment options for patients with severe COPD have historically been very limited. But the Spiration Valve System gives patients an option to improve their quality of life and get back to doing the things they love. 

3D Illustration Concept of Human Respiratory System Lungs Anatomy

Hope for Patients with Severe COPD

The Spiration Valve System offers an option for patients who otherwise may have a poor prognosis. With this new technology, there’s hope for late-stage COPD patients to improve their breathing and their lifestyle overall.

An Advanced Treatment Option 

The Spiration Valve System is a minimally invasive procedure where expandable valves are inserted into damaged air sacs of the lungs. These valves reroute airflow to healthier regions of the lungs while also helping to clear extraneous fluids. The Spiration Valves result in increased air capacity for the lungs with minimal recovery time for the patient. 

Candidates for Severe COPD Treatment 

Typically, candidates for the Spiration Valve System: 

  • Have been treated by a pulmonologist for late-stage COPD
  • Experience inadequate or no response to medical management of their condition
  • Are at high risk of complications from a traditional surgical procedure

Before treatment, patients will undergo a pulmonary function test (PFT) and a CT scan to confirm eligibility for the procedure. Most patients eligible for the Spiration Valve System have stage three or four COPD. 

Why Choose Inspira for COPD Treatment?

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