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Inspira’s wound care specialists collaborate with your primary care physician just like any other medical specialist. Our team will discuss your treatment program with your doctor and provide regular updates on your progress.

Doctor wrapping bandage around wrist

Our Approach to Wound Care 

When you first visit Inspira Wound Care, one of our physicians will evaluate your wound, your general health and your medical history. Using lab work and diagnostic imaging, our staff will identify the cause of your wound, such as pressure, poor circulation or diabetes. 

After your initial assessment, our multidisciplinary team will create a treatment plan based on your specific needs. By developing individual care plans for every patient, our physicians not only treat wounds, but also identify the causes and provide preventive treatment of them. 

Removal of unhealthy tissue, advanced wound dressings, nutrition counseling, education and prevention, and physical therapy are just some of the treatments used to promote healing. Inspira’s Wound Care specialists are also experienced in providing surgical wound debridement in the center. And, if surgical interventions are needed, they can be performed at any one of Inspira’s three medical centers. 

Specializing in Healing Chronic Wounds 

Our team of experienced physicians and nurses specialize in the treatment of wounds that have resisted healing after months or even years of traditional treatment. In fact, many patients are completely healed in just a short time after visiting a wound center. 

Inspira’s Wound Care centers are staffed by wound certified physicians with years of experience treating all types of chronic wounds.

Why Choose Inspira for Wound Care

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