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Inspira Medical Center Vineland’s Capacity Command Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to improve hospital throughput and capacity with the goal of limiting wait times in testing and in procedures for incoming and outgoing patients. 

About the Inspira Health Capacity Command Center

The Capacity Command Center brings multiple departments together within the hospital and provides them with access to critical systems that monitor capacity. This enables us to seamlessly manage and coordinate patient flow throughout the entirety of Inspira Medical Centers. Current Capacity Command Center resources include representation from Care Coordination, Bed Coordination, In-House Transport, Ground Transport and Environmental Services. 

By combining resources and systems critical to patient throughput and care progression in the same space, we can learn how to design the best processes and system(s) integration to optimize capacity.

Centralized resources have:

  • Improved communication
  • Identified key barriers to throughput
  • Identified critical success factors
  • Rapid process redesign for external transport and care coordination for timely discharges
  • Established visible/transparent real-time tracking
  • Established productivity goals for internal transport and bed turns based on-demand matching

Each of these areas has embraced autonomous improvement by identifying barriers and implementing process changes for an improved state. Ground Transportation and Care Coordination are the most consistent resources in the Capacity Command Center. They are also resources that require constant communication and collaboration. Each of the key performance indicators that measure these areas demonstrates a positive trend and that is expected to continue with additional process improvements that are being put in place.

Capacity Command Center - man pointing at computer screen with two women looking on
Capacity Command Center - two women looking at computers
Capacity Command Center

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