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Inspira’s Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

In order to remain transparent regarding our strategic goals and business needs, Inspira Health uses an RFP process to select vendor partners for systems and services. Prospective business partners can review relevant active RFPs below, complete all associated attachments within the specified timeline and submit one copy by email to the identified RFP contact. Proposals must state that they are valid for a period of at least 12 months from the closing deadline.


You will have an opportunity to submit questions prior to completing RFP attachments. All questions must be submitted to the RFP contact by email before the specified deadline for questions, which is set prior to the final submission deadline.


Any changes, amendments or modifications to a submitted proposal requires that the original proposal be withdrawn and a new proposal submitted prior to the deadline. Modifications to proposals will not be accepted or considered after the submission deadline.

Pre-Proposal Conference and Presentations

We may choose to invite prospective business partners for a virtual pre-proposal conference and presentation with the selection committee. This conference will give you the opportunity to meet with Inspira executive leadership and project team members to ask questions about the current infrastructure, project requirements and desired end results. Questions can be submitted prior to the pre-proposal conference by email to the RFP contact.

Presentations should include:

  • Product or service demonstrations as they support the requested requirements
  • An explanation of how the products or services will support the goals of Inspira Health, including any relevant health care experience and successes
  • A proposed implementation plan and timeline, if available
Active RFPs

Homelessness Prevention Initiative (HPI)

Inspira Health is seeking proposals for a one-time Homelessness Prevention Initiative (HPI) grant award in the amount of $50,000.00 to continue the important work of addressing chronic homelessness in Cumberland County.

Deadline: June 3, 2024

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Submit RFP Response

No Relevant RFP Listed

Inspira Health only accepts proposals for active RFPs listed on this page. New RFPs will be listed on a regular basis, so please continue to check this page and hold any business proposals until a relevant RFP is accepting submissions.

After Submission

The selection committee will evaluate the functionality of proposed products or services, customer reference checks, customer support ratings, third-party product integration, development history, cost and prospective business partner demonstrations or discussions. Inspira reserves the right to select the business partner deemed most suitable.

The selection committee will choose a winning proposal based on a numerical scoring system. The proposals will be assigned a score for each item/category as outlined in the RFP selection criteria table. Upon receipt of the proposals, a selection committee will determine the proposals most qualified based on:

  • Company qualifications including company profile, relevant experience and project team
  • Work plan including proposed solution, requirements delivery and proposed timeline
  • Project management and collaborative approach
  • References
  • Proposed training, support, service and warranties
  • Clarity and completeness of submitted proposal
  • Cost

Upon review of all submitted proposals, Inspira will determine the best fit for selection and notify all prospective business partners of their decision.

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