Corporate Compliance

Compliance is all about doing the right things for the right reasons. Inspira's Corporate Compliance Department is here to help the organization uphold our continued commitment to making proper and ethical decisions.

The Compliance Program applies to the entire Health Network, including the Hospital, LIFE Program, Outpatient Services, all trustees, employees, medical staff, faculty members, volunteers and students. It includes detailed Code of Conduct, training and education programs, monitoring systems, sanctions for noncompliance and a compliance helpline for reporting concerns regarding potential ethical or legal issues.

Please feel free to contact the Compliance Department and use this website to support your compliance activities. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility.
Corporate Compliance Department Contacts:
Office of Compliance General Contact Information:
Main Number - (856) 507-7857
Compliance Hotline -(888) 413-4313 (Anonymous reporting is an option)

Joseph A Piccolo, MBA, CHC - Vice President of Corporate Compliance, Chief Compliance Officer
(856) 641-8632

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