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When you break an arm or leg, part of your treatment plan may include physical therapy to help you regain your strength. Your heart needs that same kind of TLC following a major heart-related event.

How Cardiac Rehab Works 

Our experienced cardiac rehabilitation providers are committed to helping you return to the highest level of heart health, performance and wellbeing. We use a gradual, progressive and monitored exercise program in addition to risk-reduction education and nutrition counseling––all in the name of a healthy heart.  

Cardiac rehab assists those who may have had: 

  • Angina pectoris  
  • Congestive heart failure 
  • A recent heart attack 
  • Heart surgery, including a bypass, stent implantation, transplantation, valve repair/ replacement or cardiomyopathy 

Cardiac rehab is offered at all three Inspira hospital locations in South Jersey. Patients who graduate from cardiac rehab will have the opportunity to attend a 60-day Physician Referred Exercise Program (PREP) through Inspira to further assist with the transition back to an active lifestyle. 

Call 833-SJHEART to learn more about our individualized cardiac rehab program. 

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Why Choose Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care?

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