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The meniscus, a thick piece of cartilage found in the knee that protects the joint and acts as a shock absorber, can tear due to overuse or traumatic injury. 

physician examining male knee

Our Approach to Meniscus Tears 

When the meniscus is damaged, it causes localized pain and swelling and may impede your ability to walk. “Locking” of the knee can also occur, meaning it can neither fully bend nor straighten and remains in a midrange position. If your knee becomes locked, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

Over the course of several weeks, pain and swelling may start to subside. However, motions such as twisting, bending or squatting can aggravate the injury and trigger symptoms.

Meniscus Tear Treatment at Inspira   

Treatment will depend on several factors, including the severity of the injury and how you sustained it. If you experience “locking” of the joint, for example, you will likely need surgery to remove the fragment that is causing the joint to lock or catch. Meniscus tears that are the result of overuse or osteoarthritis often don’t require surgery.

Why Choose Inspira for Meniscus Tears

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