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Is your heart race ready for an active lifestyle? Get a heart health screening with Inspira Sports Medicine and make sure you’re performing at your best. 

Our Approach to Sports Cardiac Care 

Whether you’re training for the Olympic trials, your next marathon, or simply working to keep your baseline numbers in check, staying on top of your heart health is an important part of being ready for whatever life brings your way. When you enroll in Inspira Sports Medicine’s preventive heart screening program, you’ll undergo a quick, non-invasive electrocardiogram (ECG) procedure with a trained cardiovascular technician. 

Getting a preventive cardiac health screening can help: 

  • Uncover potential heart problems before symptoms develop.
  • Assess the function of your heart’s electrical system function. 
  • Identify any arrhythmias, or irregular heart rhythms, that may exist.
  • Measure your heart’s blood supply, which is an indicator of past or future risk of heart attacks

Once you’ve undergone preventive screening, our team can direct you to follow up care from a cardiologist, if needed. 

To schedule your preventive heart health screening, call (800) 220-8599 or schedule online.

Preventive heart health screenings through Inspira Sports Medicine are fee-for-service and not covered by most insurances. Enrollment in the program requires a one-time payment of $75. Please have your payment available with you when you arrive for your appointment.

Hear how PJ Ragone, Director of Inspira Health Sports Medicine program, benefited from receiving his own cardiac health screening, and how the knowledge he learned about his own heart’s health helped improve his training regimen.

Why Choose Inspira for Preventive Cardiac Care

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