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The Achilles tendon, which connects your heel bone to your calf muscle, is your body’s longest, strongest tendon. This tough yet flexible cord of tissue located in the back of the heel allows you to walk, run and jump. 

Inspira’s Approach to Achilles Tendon Injuries 

Achilles tendonitis commonly occurs due to overuse of the tendon. Pain can be mild to moderate, typically starting down the back of your leg and around the heel. Without proper treatment, Achilles tendonitis can produce chronic pain that affects your ability to walk.

Your Achilles tendon can also rupture or tear, sometimes causing an audible popping sound. When this happens, your calf muscle will become disconnected from your foot, making it difficult to point your toes or walk properly.

Treatment Options 

If your Achilles tendon is only mildly damaged, it will likely heal on its own as long as you rest your leg, ice the affected area and elevate your foot. Anti-inflammatory drugs and/or pain relievers can also help alleviate symptoms and mitigate swelling.

When nonoperative treatments will not resolve a ruptured or partially ruptured tendon, your doctor may recommend surgery. In order to repair the torn tendon, an incision will be made in the back of your lower leg so the surgeon can access your tendon.

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Why Choose Inspira for Achilles Tendon Injury Treatment?

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