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For children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18, inpatient care may be considered when dangerous behavior puts them or their community at risk.

Our Approach to Short-term Inpatient Behavioral Health Care for Youths  

As one of only two short-term inpatient facilities for children and adolescents in South Jersey, we are proud to offer highly-qualified, compassionate care for youths in crisis.  

Our 14-bed unit in Bridgeton, NJ is fully-staffed with mastered and licensed therapists to assist in medication management and stabilizing dangerous behavior. 

Cute and lovely mixed race girl preparing with father for a first day at school.

Short-term Inpatient Care Programs 

At Inspira, our inpatient child and adolescent behavioral health care programs are full-time and offer schooling as well as therapeutic counseling and medication management. Our inpatient programs are also geared toward co-occurring conditions such as substance use

We have therapists certified in trauma-informed care, creating a more holistic approach to behavioral health management.  

As a short-term care unit, most patients are admitted for a few days or weeks in order to stabilize and regain control of their condition before being discharged. They may consider outpatient treatment to continue their recovery.  

When to Consider Inpatient Care 

If your child is exhibiting suicidal tendency, antisocial behavior or episodes that draw the safety of themselves or the community into question, inpatient behavioral health care can stabilize and treat their condition.

Intake Options

If your child or loved one is exhibiting imminently dangerous symptoms, seek help in an Inspira emergency department immediately. Individuals can also be admitted through a traditional intake exam.  

Why Choose Inspira for Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Care

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