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Welcome to the future of cancer care. At Inspira Health, you can be sure advanced care is right here when you need it. Exceptional personalized care is provided with the latest technology by a multidisciplinary team led by trusted oncologists, expert surgeons and skilled nurses committed to making your journey to recovery as smooth as possible.  

Cancer can seriously impact your health in a number of ways. We understand the uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis, and we do everything in our power to ensure a positive outcome along with the support you and your loved ones need.

If you’d like more information about your or a loved one’s cancer care, or to receive a second opinion about a diagnosis, click here to request a call from our team

The Frank and Edith Scarpa Regional Cancer Pavilion in Vineland continues to expand services and in 2020 we celebrated the opening of our second cancer center. The new leading-edge cancer center in Mullica Hill is equipped to provide the services you need under one roof, making advanced treatment easier for patients and their families. Both centers are designed to promote patient-centered care and be conducive to physical and emotional healing.

When you visit our medical centers, you’ll receive treatment from the region’s top board-certified physicians including surgical oncologists, reconstructive and plastic surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and pathologists.

By taking a holistic approach to treatment, we’re able to offer patients a range of options including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and personalized medicine programs. If surgery is necessary, our team of experienced surgical oncologists will help educate and prepare you for your procedure so that together, you can make informed decisions about your treatment plan.

Our doctors and surgeons specialize in treating all types of cancer, including:

Radiation Oncology

Cancer Support Services

Oncology Physicians

Cancer Research & Clinical Trials

Cancer Treatments

High Risk Cancer Program

If you’d like more information about your or a loved one’s cancer care, or to receive a second opinion about a diagnosis, call 1-800-INSPIRA.

Why Choose Inspira?

Advanced Technology Meets Compassionate Support

We combine cutting-edge medical technology with a human touch, allowing us to provide expert care. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained oncology physicians are well-versed in the latest cancer treatments and are equipped with advanced technologies that can increase your chances for a successful recovery. We also understand that navigating the ups and downs of life with cancer can be overwhelming, which is why we provide a built-in support system of social workers, counselors, navigators, registered dietitians and behavioral health specialists so you and your family don’t have to walk the path to recovery alone.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cancer Care

Inspira’s oncology physicians take a multi-faceted approach to detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer by looking at your condition from a holistic perspective. Whether you’re just beginning treatment or are a cancer-free survivor, we take everything—genetics, lifestyle habits and other risk factors—into account when designing your care plan. By treating the whole person rather than just the disease itself, we’re able to offer a more targeted, personalized experience.

Access to Clinical Trials

Inspira participates in clinical trials to explore new ways to prevent, detect or treat cancer. Clinical trials can also focus on other aspects of care, such as improving the quality of life for people with cancer. Participants help others and may also benefit from receiving the newest treatment along with additional care and attention from the clinical trial staff.

Cancer Services Close to Home

Residents of South Jersey need not travel far to get the best in cancer care—with multiple facilities in the region, Inspira delivers a full breadth of cancer services close to where you live. When you’re not distracted by a long commute to your medical provider, you have more energy to focus on what’s important: healing and getting your life back.