Sleeve Gastrectomy (Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve)

Sleeve gastrectomy, formally known as laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure where your surgeon removes 75 to 85 percent of your stomach. Your surgeon will begin by making five or six small incisions in your upper abdomen. They will use long, thin instruments and a tube with a video camera attached (laparoscope) to access your stomach through these small incisions. Once the procedure is complete, your stomach will resemble a “sleeve” that’s approximately the size of a banana.

Reducing the size of your stomach limits the amount of food you can consume at one time. Unlike other procedures, sleeve gastrectomy does not bypass the intestines or cause decreased nutrient absorption. Sleeve gastrectomy causes hormonal changes and can often suppress your body’s production of the “hunger hormone,” further enabling you to lose weight after the procedure.

As with any other major surgery, there are risks associated with sleeve gastrectomy, including excessive bleeding, infection, blood clots and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. With some of the highest quality and patient safety ratings for bariatric procedures in the region, Inspira’s surgeons are well equipped to reduce your risk of complications and increase your chances of a successful recovery.

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Why Choose Inspira?

Emphasis on Education and Support Systems

By deploying a range of educational weight management tools, Inspira’s bariatric team keeps patients informed about what they can expect before and after laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. Undergoing this procedure is only part of the larger weight loss journey, and keeping the pounds off can be difficult if patients don’t understand how to maintain their new lifestyle. Whether you suffer from a chronic pulmonary condition or are struggling to reach your optimal weight, our dedicated team of caregivers is here to guide, support and inform.

Nationally Recognized Center of Excellence

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has recognized Inspira Medical Center Vineland as a Blue Distinction® Center+ for Bariatric Surgery as part of the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program. Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated health care facilities that show expertise in delivering improved patient safety and better health outcomes based on objective measures that were developed based on input from the medical community.