SAVI SCOUT® Technology for Breast Cancer Treatment

With pinpoint accuracy and enhanced comfort, the SAVI SCOUT® diagnostic tool makes life a little easier for Inspira Health patients who must undergo breast surgery. Inspira Health was the first provider in the region to offer this FDA-approved, cutting-edge technology to accurately locate tumors before surgery.

Before SAVI SCOUT®, patients who had to undergo breast surgery would typically have a wire inserted into their breast on the same day as the procedure. This was used to guide surgeons to the location of the lesion to be removed. Not only did this mean a patient had to undergo two procedures on the same day, the wire physically stuck out of the breast, causing patients undue stress and discomfort.

With SAVI SCOUT®, the device, which is no larger than a grain of rice, is inserted days or weeks prior to the surgery at an Inspira Breast Center. On the day of surgery, surgeons use a handheld instrument that sends a transmission to the device inside the breastand guides them to the tumor. This reduces surgical time, cuts down on patient anxiety and spares healthy tissue during breast surgery.

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Why Choose Inspira?

Nationally Recognized for Excellence in Breast Cancer Treatment

Inspira’s Breast Cancer Program includes a nationally accredited Breast Center in the Frank and Edith Scarpa Regional Cancer Pavilion at Inspira Medical Center Vineland. The Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons that recognizes centers that provide the highest level of quality breast care and undergo a rigorous evaluation process and performance review.


Advanced Imaging Technology

Early detection saves lives. It’s why we put so much emphasis on having the most innovative breast imaging and screening devices available for our breast cancer patients. Our local imaging centers provide access to 3D mammograms, non-invasive ultrasound machines and breast MRI, among other technologies. When cancer is suspected, patients can move forward quickly through diagnostic imaging, and if needed, biopsy. Our goal is to reduce your stress whenever possible.


Multidisciplinary Cancer Team and Treatment Plans

Inspira offers a multidisciplinary breast cancer team that meets regularly in tumor boards to plan and discuss each patient’s treatment plan and progress. The team includes medical and radiation oncologists, breast surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and specialists in reconstructive plastic surgery, along with navigators, social workers, genetic counselors, registered dietitians, physical therapists and behavioral health specialists.


Breast Health Navigators and Other Support Programs

Our navigators connect with poeple when they have an abnormal mammogram, breast changes or lumps. They continue to work with everyone who is diagnosed with breast cancer to support her physical and emotional needs through treatment and survivorship. Navigators are strong advocates ensuring care coordination and managing relationships with multiple specialists involved in a patient’s care. Inspira also offers ongoing distress screening/counseling and a physical rehabilitation program that can begin before treatment to improve outcomes.