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Faculty & Staff

Elaine Cheng

Elaine Cheng, MD, FACS

Interim Program Director

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery
McIntyre, Jennifer.png

Jennifer McIntyre 

Program Manager

Gus J. Slotman


Director of Clinical Research

Head & Neck Surgery
peter Senatore

Peter Senatore, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Colorectal & General Surgery
Sean Bidic

Sean Bidic, MD, FACS

Plastic Surgery
Gordon Callender

Gordon Callender, MD, FACS

Colorectal & General Surgery
Nandini Kulkarni

Nandini Kulkarni, MD, FACS

Surgical Oncology & Breast Surgery
David Lynch

David Lynch, MD, FACS

General Surgery
tim Pilla

Timothy Pilla, MD, FACS

Vascular & General Surgery
Vinay Gundlapalli

Vinay Gundlapalli, MD

Plastic Surgery
Man's Portrait

Charles McCann, MD

General Surgery Bariatric Surgery
Woman's Portrait

Holly L. Graves, MD

Vascular Surgery
Woman's Portrait

Catherine L. Mavroudis, MD

Endocrine Surgery and  General
Woman's Portrait

Emily A. Harris, MD 

Endocrine Surgery and General
Man's Portrait

Christoper Bashian, DO

Bariatric Surgery
Man's Portrait

Andre D. Cole, DO

Vascular Surgery
Woman's Portrait

Melissa L. Gott, DO

Colorectal and General Surgery


Man's Portrait

Chase H. Kriza, DO

General Surgery 

Current Residents

  • Mendu, Mallika, DO
  • Tchoukoua, Fridien, DO
  • Voigt, Mickel, DO
  • Hartkorn, Alyssa, DO
  • Belkadi, Aghilas, DO
  • Jay, Kelcy, DO
  • Kolbeck, Rebecca, DO
  • Liu, Stephanie, DO
  • McGowan, Alexandria DO
  • Owusu, Stephanie, MD
  • Park, Danielle, DO
  • Park, Jasmine, DO
  • Rosenberg, Megan, DO
  • Andrews, Nathanial, DO
  • Strunk, Jason, DO
  • Tzaferos, Alexa, DO
  • Kelter, David, MD
  • McLean, Garrett, MD
  • Osumo, Bismarck, MD
  • Pawasarat, Ian, DO

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