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The Pharmacy Residency (PGY1) at Inspira Medical Center Vineland aims to prepare pharmacists to practice as highly qualified independent practitioners who are able to provide safe, consistent patient care in a variety of environments.  

About the Vineland Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)

The postgraduate year-one Pharmacy Residency at Inspira Medical Center Vineland builds on the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Our curriculum includes the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligibility for board certification and eligibility for postgraduate year two pharmacy residency training.

Inspira’s Pharmacy Residency Program at Inspira Medical Center Vineland is accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) and is Inspira’s first and longest-standing pharmacy residency program. Our program offers experiences in a multitude of specialties, including emergency and internal medicine, critical care, infectious disease/antimicrobial stewardship, ambulatory care, transitions of care, behavioral health, pediatrics/NICU care, population health, pharmacy administration/research and more.

As a high reliability organization (HRO), Inspira Health is dedicated to maintaining safety for all patients, providers and staff.

Vineland Pharmacy Residency (PGY1) Curriculum

Curriculum for PGY1 includes a variety of rotations across medical disciplines to give residents a breadth of pharmacy experiences.

The curriculum includes rotations in:  

  • Orientation 
  • Internal Medicine 
  • Transitions of Care 
  • Critical Care 1 
  • Infectious Disease 
  • Emergency Medicine 
  • Pharmacy Informatics 

Options for inpatient elective rotations include: 

  • Pediatrics/NICU 
  • Critical Care 2 
  • Advanced Topics in Critical Care (Critical Care 3) 
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship 
  • Behavioral Health 

Options for ambulatory elective rotations include:  

  • Population Health 
  • Ambulatory Clinic 
  • Retail Pharmacy 
  • Behavioral Health 
  • Oncology 

Additional educational and longitudinal experiences for residents include:  

  • Pharmacy Administration and Leadership 
  • Pharmacy Staffing 
  • Ambulatory Care 
  • Research 
  • Interdisciplinary Rounds (Intensive Care Units, Acute Care Units) 
  • Pharmacokinetic Dosing and Protocols 
  • Anticoagulation Monitoring 
  • Development of Guidelines and Protocols 
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee 
  • Critical Care Committee 
  • Patient Education 
  • Health Fairs 
  • Vaccine Administration 
  • Dietitian/Pharmacy Dosing Protocol for Adult Parenteral Nutrition 
  • Seminars and Lectures 
  • Precept IPPE and APPE Pharmacy Students 

Salary and Benefits

Pharmacy Residency Salary and Benefits include: 

  • Annual Stipend: $47,500 
  • Health Benefits 
  • Paid Time Off 
  • Meal Stipend 
  • Lab Coat 
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, Eastern States Residency Conference and NJSHP Annual Meeting 
  • Teaching Certificate Program  
  • Rotational Staffing 

Learn More

If you would like more information about the Pharmacy Residency (PGY1) at Inspira Medical Center Vineland, please contact Craig Sastic, program manager, at (856) 641-8000 ext. 20578. 


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